Friday, June 6, 2014



For 23 weeks, each of the Sundays following the Day of Pentecost point us to consider the meaning of the church as a new people of God.  I will be giving a series of sermons that consider the Spirit of Pentecost as an ever-present power that alters our life eternally.  The Holy Spirit not only transforms our solitary life, but also the life of the world.

June 8             Day of Pentecost

June 15           Trinity  Sunday                     English Service  0930

June 22         2rd Sunday after Pentecost English Proper 7
                     Combined English/Mandarin Service  09:30

June 29          3rd  Sunday after Pentecost    Proper 8

July 6            4th Sunday after Pentecost   English Service  09:30    Proper 9

July 13         5th  Sunday After Pentecost      Proper 10

July 20         6th  Sunday After Pentecost         Proper 11
                     English Service 0930   Mandarin Chinese Service 1100

July 27         7th  Sunday After Pentecost          Proper 12
August 3          No Church Services – Both Congregations on Retreat                                                   8th  Sunday After             Pentecost         Proper 13

Father Herbert Barker on Summer Leave in August.

August 10         9th Sunday After Pentecost         Proper 14
                         English Service 0930   Celebrant & Preacher:
The Rev. Thomas Reese from St Luke’s, Forrest Hills, New York

August 17        10th  Sunday After Pentecost            Proper 15
English Service  0930  Celebrant & Preacher: The Rev. Thomas Reese

August 14       Father Herbert Barker’s 72nd birthday!  Father Barker officially retires as priest in the Episcopal Church after 50 years in a preaching ministry in the United Methodist Church and in the Episcopal Church.

August 24  11th Sunday After Pentecost      Proper 16
                    English Service 0930
Celebrant and Preacher:
The Rev. Thomas Reese

August 31         12th Sunday After Pentecost                  Proper 17
                          Combined English/Mandarin Chinese Service 0930
                          Celebrant and Preacher: The Rev. Thomas Reese

September 7  13th Sunday After Pentecost  English Service 09:30
Celebrant and Preacher: Father Herbert J. Barker