Wednesday, December 3, 2014

English Congregation’s Calendar  

Advent – Christmas – Epiphany Year B

November 30          Candle of Hope, A Prophet's Prayer of Hope

December 7             Candle of Peace, Shepherds Behold a Great Light

December 14           Candle of Joy, Shepherds’ Lessons and Carols

December 21           Candle of Love, Waiting for our Savior’s Love

December 24           Combined English and Chinese Christmas Eve   
                                Candle Light Service 8PM

December 25  English Christmas Service at 9:30AM

December 28           First Sunday after Christmas
                                Father Tom Reese, Supply from New York

January 4                Second Sunday after Christmas
                               Father Tom Reese, Supply from New York

January 11              First Sunday after Epiphany
                               Father Tom Reese, Supply from New York

January 18              Second Sunday after Epiphany
                               The Rev. Lily, Rector

January 25    Third Sunday after Epiphany
                       Combined English-Chinese Service
                       The Rev. Lily Chung, Rector 
                       Annual Parish Meeting
                       [Lily’s Farewell Sunday]

February 1            Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
                            The Rev. Philip Lin Li-Feng, Our New Rector
                            Bill Bryson, Preacher and Leader for Boy Scouts Sunday
February 8                 Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
                                  Father Barker Returns from Leave

February 15               Last Sunday after Epiphany

February 22            1st Lent