Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Calendar for Lent, Easter, Day of Pentecost 2016

February 28   3rd Sunday in Lent         Combined Chinese/English Service

March 6             4st Sunday in Lent         

March 13              5nd Sunday in Lent

March 20              Palm Sunday

March 24          Maundy Thursday   Agape Feast and Foot Washing
                      Combined Eng/Chinese Service   7PM

March 25       Good Friday Noon Combined Service (12PM) 

March 26       Easter Vigil at 8PM

March 27              Easter     0930 AM   English Congregation Easter Brunch
                         11AM, and 1PM Easter Eggs 

April 3             2nd Sunday of Easter

April 10             3rd Sunday of Easter

April 17               4th Sunday of Easter 

April 24               5th Sunday of Easter

May 1                 6th Sunday of Easter 

May 8                 7th Sunday of Easter

May 15                 Pentecost         

May 22                  First Sunday after Pentecost    Trinity Sunday