Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Calendar for Lent, Easter, Day of Pentecost 2019

March 6           Ash Wednesday
March 10            First Sunday in Lent
March 24.           Third Sunday in Lent   
                            Combined Chinese/English Service

April 7           Last Sunday in Lent        

April 14              Palm Sunday.  [Combined Service Eng/Chines]

April 18          Maundy Thursday   Agape Feast and Foot Washing
                      Combined Eng/Chinese Service   7PM

April 19       Good Friday Noon Combined Service (12PM) 

April 20       Easter Vigil at 8PM.    [Combined Service]

April 21              Easter     0930 AM   
                           English Congregation Easter Brunch
                         11AM, and 1PM Easter Eggs 

April 28             2nd Sunday of Easter

May 5               3rd Sunday of Easter      
May 12.            4th Sunday of Easter 

May 19            5th Sunday of Easter

May 26             6th Sunday of Easter       [Combined Service]

June 2             7th Sunday of Easter

June 9                 Day of Pentecost         

June 16                  First Sunday after Pentecost    Trinity Sunday