Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Summer Sojourn Home to USA

Greetings to Good Shepherd’s Koinonia Pilgrims:

Next Tuesday, 29 July, I will depart for the remainder of the summer to my retirement home in Arizona.  If you know Scottsdale, Arizona then you will know that I will not be escaping summer heat.  I am only exchanging humid temperatures for dry, desert ones.  That is the bad news for me.  Yet, before you begin to sympathize with me, I assure you all that, in truth, I will find beaches.   I plan trips to San Diego, Virginia Beach, and St. Lucia in the Caribbean.  Don’t cry for me Mu Ai Tang (Good Shepherd Church).

My good friend, Thomas Reese, will be caring for our English congregation during my absence.  Thomas is the Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Forrest Hills, Queens, and New York. Some of you will remember that he was with us last summer.

I trust that you will enjoy his preaching and warm pastoral presence.  Please extent to him our special Good Shepherd Koinonia welcome.  Tom will be with us from August 4 to August 31.  I will return September 3.

I regret that I will miss our joint congregational retreat on August 2 and 3.  I pray that you all will have a spiritual journey together and make new friends as you share in the beauty of Taiwan’s highlands. 

For those who will not be going on the retreat, remember that Good Shepherd Church will have no worship services on August 3rd in either the English or the Chinese congregations. Please pass this news to your friends and neighbors.

I hope that you all will have a summer filled with joyful, seasonal growth that will result in a rich harvest of memories that will warm you through fall and winter.  

Love and prayers,