Friday, November 30, 2018

English Congregation’s Calendar 2018-2019

Advent – Christmas – Epiphany Year C

December 2          Candle of Hope, A Prophet's Prayer of Hope

December 9          Candle of Peace, Shepherd's Behold a Great Light

December 16        Candle of Joy, Shepherds’ Lessons and Carols

December 23        Candle of Love, Waiting for our Savior’s Love

December 24       Combined English-Chinese
                             Christmas Eve Candle Light Service 8:00PM

December 25       English Christmas Service at 9:30AM
                             Father Barker

[Dec 26   Father Barker Departs for Home Leave]

December 30        First Sunday after Christmas
                                                                  Father Keith Lee, Rector, Celebrant
                              Scott Ellinger, Preacher, Our Seminarian   
[Epiphany Season 2019]
January 6              Epiphany, Second Sunday after Christmas
                                                                 David Puckett, MSM

January 13            First Sunday after Epiphany
                                                                 David Puckett, MSM

January 17            Second Sunday after Epiphany
                                                                 David Puckett, MSM

January 20            Second Sunday after Epiphany
                             David Puckett, MSM

January 27          Combined English-Chinese Service
                              The Rev. Keith Lee, Rector Good Shepherd
 February 3            Fourth Sunday after Epiphany                 
                              Alexander Salter, Lay Liturgist

 February 10        Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
                              Father Herbert Barker, English Chaplain

 February 17          Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
                               Father Herbert Barker

 February 24        Seventh Sunday after Epiphany
                              Combined English-Chinese Service
                              Father Lee and Father Barker

 March 3                Last Sunday after Epiphany

                              Father Barker

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